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About Us

We launched Flying Colours in 2003.  Our primary purpose in doing so was to create an advertising agency that would be small, yet flexible, creative, yet low-cost.

All members of our agency are highly specialized and their expertise in advertising is of long standing as, at one time or another, all of them have served as executives at multinational advertising companies, placing their talent at the disposal of small or large accounts.

Our in-house creative team maintains the highest of standards starting with the initial concept and going on to the creative process and preliminary plans, all the way to production.

We always commit ourselves to come up with innovative ideas that lead to campaigns.

At Flying Colours, knowing fully well the intricacies of consumer and pharmaceutical marketing, we are in a position to offer our clients the entire gamut from the initial concept and a targeted creative process to cutting-edge printing; from packaging design to implementation of new films; from a complex e-shop, site, blog, and all internet applications to demanding PR; from display stands at supermarkets to original gimmicks targeting direct mail promotions or promotional gifts.

Approaching the brief in a highly effective way, allows us to drive at proposals (be they new ones or adjustments of older ones) thus offering optimal results that lead to the accomplishment of the end goal.  Needless to say, all projects are delivered promptly and within budget.

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